The first most inclusive one-stop-shop specialized in risk mitigation for WEB3 use cases.

Collaborating as one, Avisa Partners and RAID Square aims to becoming a unique one-stop-shop specialised in Blockchain and/or crypto projects, providing all the benefits of a one stop shop, offering one person to talk to in order to cover all your needs across the various fields of expertise of risk mitigation (compliance, cyber, on-chain Investigations, communication, …).

They are our strategic partner

What makes us stand out.

Why RAID Square ?


RAID Square and Avisa Partners develop together a 360° joint offer around risk mitigation, enabling us to provide our clients with a continuum starting from Compliance, and providing with communication and with lobbying services, but also a cross WEB2 and WEB3 auditing expertises.

Europe As Perspective

As Dora, MiCA, TFR, AML-CTF rules are european sources of law, the European Union is a key stakeholder of the regulatory framework applying to WEB3. We advice our clients to be ready to these incoming regulations.



We develop a team of experts mitigating risks for our clients. We provide our own various experiences in WEB3 as entrepreneurs/consultant. We indentify risks specific to each projects, bring solutions and operationalize the solutions we bring.

What we offer.

Our Deliverables

We are developing this joint offer with our exclusive partners from: Avisa Partners


Set up of AML-CTF policies, use & set up of wallet screening, KYC & KYB procedures.                            


Audits, penetration testing, vulnerabilities Identification, mitigation of potential data leakage sources, etc.

WEB3 Development

Research and development blockchain development, CTO as a service.                                             

Smart Contracts Audit

We audit potential vulnerabilities and advice you on the architecture of your smart contract; with its management and the safety of its management.                                            

Due Diligence & On-chain Investigations

We offer the most comprehensive due diligence & on-chain Investigations services in our industry.                                   

Wallet Set Up Guidance

Definition of the quorum, governance policies, advisory on the use of the wallet management solution, share of best practices and definition of standards.

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